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"In 2014, we noticed that our son’s speech was not progressing to where he should have been for his age (2.5 yrs. old). We had him evaluated and it was found that it was secondary to his hearing. While addressing his hearing issues, we also looked for a speech therapist to work with him. Based on my research, I reached out to Mara. The results have been incredible. Within a matter of months, not only did his speech improve significantly, but also his behavior. While his frustration in expressing himself lessened, Mara also specifically focused on his social skills (listening, focus, transitioning, etc.). Mara’s approach was truly holistic and encompassed the whole child (she even made sure to include his twin sister in her sessions). She is a consummate professional and genuinely caring person. I cannot recommend her more." - TERRY W., HOBOKEN, N.J.



"Our son immediately connected with Mara as a friend and someone he respects. She made learning seem like playing, teaching him skills while encouraging language development. When he acts out, she is both professional and strategic in teaching him boundaries and to be respectful. I regularly reach out to Mara for advice and guidance on developmental challenges and her guidance is always specific and actionable." - RACHEL B., NEW YORK, NY



"Mara has been a great teacher and influence on our 2 year old twins since November 2015.  The girls light up when she walks in the door.  They think of it as playtime with Mara when in fact they're receiving speech therapy and learning at the same time.  Mara is very warm, patient and direct with them.  The girls' speech has improved dramatically since working with her once a week.  Mara has been a valuable resource for my husband and I as well.  She is effective at teaching the girls how to be respectful and to share while communicating their wants and needs.  Mara makes speech therapy fun and she is a delight to work with for both the children and parents." - LINDSAY S., HOBOKEN, NJ



"Mara worked with my three year old son, Liam for approximately four months, performing an initial assessment and then weekly forty five minute sessions thereafter. I had suspected that he was delayed with his speech due to hearing challenges he had before tubes were placed in his ears and the assessment Mara performed confirmed that.  She worked with Liam on a weekly basis through instructional play, flashcards, and structured learning that made her visits both fun and educational. Each week the play progressed gradually; further developing his speech and vocabulary.  Mara was creative in using a variety of activities to capture the attention of our active boy; he had fun with her and was eager to come home on Tuesdays to see his friend Mara.  My husband and I were impressed with how warm and skilled she was at encouraging Liam to speak clearly and noticed results after only a few sessions.  Furthermore, she is extremely professional and equally skilled at dealing with parents; she called to review the results of the initial speech assessment, and was very keen on her recommendations. The most significant one was to move Liam to a daycare to expose him to older children.  We hesitated at first.  Mara gently pursued and when we finally did a month later it made a tremendous difference! It was the single best thing that we could have done for him after weekly speech therapy sessions and Mara was the first person to recommend the change.  We think very highly of Mara and would strongly recommend her to anyone in need of a her skills." - MELISSA P., HOBOKEN, NJ



"My son was a late talker and for the longest time our pediatrician told us not to worry, but a friend referred me to Mara for a consultation.  Mara came to our apartment and within 10 minutes was able to recognize that my wife and I weren't giving our son enough of an opportunity to express his intentions. We realized she was right on and decided to setup weekly sessions for our son. 6 months later, he's talking up a storm and we can't get him to stop talking! The services were great and the piece of mind we felt when working with Mara was super valuable to us." - DAVE W., HOBOKEN, NJ




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